Isratech Jamaica Limited

  • Founded in 1990, Isratech Jamaica Limited is headquartered in Kendal, Shooter’s Hill, Manchester, Jamaica with a branch office in Kingston, Jamaica.

    At Isratech Jamaica Limited, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in our field. We are continually expanding and keeping abreast of the latest technology in each of our sectors. We are highly dedicated to providing solutions in the environment, agriculture, water and alternative energy. Our years of experience combined with the principles on which our company is based, have given us a trusted reputation and broad knowledge base, which in turn sets us apart from our competition.

    Isratech Jamaica Limited is comprised of three divisions:

Our Facility

  • Our facility is located in Manchester, central Jamaica making it easily accessible for all our local customers.


Jamaica Drip Irrigation

  • Through our continued efforts to enhance agricultural production, Jamaica Drip Irrigation has established itself as a trusted and reliable name among farmers.


Isratech Waterworks

  • With the increased awareness of the need for environment preservation, Isratech Waterworks is committed to providing our customers with the most complete and comprehensive water systems available on the market.


Isratech Energy Solutions

  • Isratech Energy Solutions was incorporated in 1990 and we have been at the forefront of solar energy development in the Caribbean since our inception.


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